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What is Industrial Cleaning?

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What is Industrial Cleaning?

By Jessie West | November 29 2022

Industrial cleaning is the process of removing hazards and contaminants from surfaces and equipment in industrial settings. Learn more about industrial cleanup services and the ways you can benefit from choosing professional services from Environmental Alternatives, Inc.


What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning services are a range of capabilities that maintain or restore industrial settings to clear, safe working environments. Industrial cleaning is necessary for facilities like manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses, power plants, self-storage buildings and other commercial sites.

Industrial cleaning is important because commercial facilities are fast-paced working environments requiring safe, efficient use of heavy machinery and hazardous materials. Such facilities accumulate dust and debris over time, which can cause machine wear or clutter a facility’s critical pathways.

For example, a distribution center needs clean, clear floors to ensure workplace safety when dozens of forklifts traverse the area at high speeds. Alternatively, a food processing plant must clear debris from its industrial food mixers to ensure efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

Industrial cleaning requires precision and diligence. Consequently, facility managers should outsource industrial cleaning services to specialized organizations. Professional industrial cleaning companies have the expertise, staff and tools necessary to thoroughly clean any commercial space. In addition to safety, professional cleaning crews work efficiently, reducing downtime at the facility.


Common Industrial Cleaning Services 

Industrial cleaning comprises numerous services that address all surfaces and equipment in an industrial facility. At EAI, we use dry ice blasting, hydro blasting and chemical cleaning on surfaces, boiler tubes, industrial tanks and other equipment. Some of the systems we service include:


Industries That Need Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services are necessary for a wide range of businesses. As a result, EAI has experience cleaning diverse environments and equipment types. We offer industrial cleaning services for numerous industries, including:


The Goal of Industrial Cleaning

Your company can experience numerous benefits from industrial cleaning services. For instance, industrial cleaning leads to productivity enhancements and cost savings. To produce these benefits, industrial cleaners set out to accomplish three essential goals — ensure workplace safety, reduce facility downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

1. Workplace Safety

Cleaning industrial settings and equipment prevents workplace injuries. Services like floor cleaning prevent obstructions or slipping hazards that could cause vehicle crashes or falls. Cleaning industrial equipment prevents malfunctions that could injure facility personnel. By preventing dangerous incidents and equipment failure, your facility can avoid costly expenses like medical bills and equipment repairs.

At EAI, we ensure workplace safety by following specific cleaning procedures and using the most effective cleaning equipment. Additionally, we stay on the cutting edge to develop and apply innovative industrial cleaning methods that enhance our outcomes.

2. Downtime Reduction

Cleaning your industrial facility and equipment doesn’t have to come at the cost of productivity. Our industrial cleaning professionals will minimize or eliminate the time you need to halt operations. We increase uptime through careful planning and precise execution.

Our experience with numerous types of facilities allows us to understand your schedule and plan accordingly. We can either clean your facility during preplanned downtime or schedule a time when shutting down will have the smallest impact on your production. Additionally, we understand how to complete our cleaning routines safely inside busy facilities without interfering with operations.

3. Regulatory Requirements

Operations in every industry fall under unique production requirements, safety regulations and security guidelines. For instance, a manufacturer in the aerospace industry must ensure all parts meet specific quality requirements while implementing practices that ensure staff safety. Industrial cleaning services will ensure your equipment is ready to meet production standards and your facility satisfies workplace safety requirements.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc., we understand the production and safety requirements that apply to dozens of industries. We leverage our experience and capabilities to implement industrial cleaning methods that ensure compliance on all relevant fronts. Our staff exercises diligence to clean all surfaces and equipment thoroughly while preventing cross-contamination. Additionally, we obtain all necessary safety and confidentiality clearances so that we extend the same diligence that your facility’s workforce applies every day.


Industrial Cleaning Technology

We use innovative and effective industrial cleaning methods to satisfy requirements across industries.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is our most effective cleaning method for surfaces and industrial equipment. This method removes even the most stubborn buildup to ensure all surfaces and machinery are safe for use.

Dry ice blasting is a technique that uses frozen CO2 pellets to dislodge residue. Pressurized air causes dry ice pellets to eject from a hose and collide with the surface being cleaned. The process has three outcomes:

  1. Prior to the collision, the residue on the surface freezes and fractures from thermal shock.
  2. The pellets collide with the fractured residue, causing it to break apart.
  3. The pellets vaporize, which causes micro-explosions that dislodge the rest of the residue.

Hydro Blasting

Hydro blasting, also called pressure washing, is a cleaning process that uses high-pressure water to remove contaminants. During hydro blasting, water moves through a motorized pump that increases its pressure. The pressure becomes so high that the water removes contaminants like grease or mold. Pressure washing can also remove paint or lead from a surface. Hydro blasting relies exclusively on water, but adding cleaning solutions can increase the cleaning effects.

Chemical Washing

Chemical washing is a way to clean industrial equipment and surfaces using chemicals rather than pressurized air or water. During chemical washing, a technician will apply a cleaning agent to the surface or equipment. The cleaning agent will cause a chemical reaction that dislodges grime and residue.

To ensure the best results for your facility, we work to understand the surfaces we clean and apply the appropriate acid, base or neutral substance for the application.


Contact Us to Speak With Our Experts

EAI is a reliable, experienced industrial cleaning company that uses the safest and most effective methods for every situation. Our experts are ready to develop an industrial cleaning plan for your facility, so contact us online to discuss your needs.