Types of HRSG Cleaning Services
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Types of HRSG Cleaning Services

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Types of HRSG Cleaning Services

By Jessie West | August 12 2022

HRSG Cleaning Methods

Your HRSG boiler is a vital cog in your power plant machine. It helps you be more productive, which allows you to make more money. When it’s not running as efficiently as possible, you notice. The issue could be as simple as the machine needing some basic maintenance and cleaning to get your company back to maximum productivity. Let the experts at Environmental Alternatives, Inc. come to you and take a look at your HRSG so you can get back to work as soon as possible.


What Is an HRSG?

HRSG is short for heat recovery steam generators. These large systems recover energy from heat generator processors like gas turbines and convert it into steam, which can then be used for other processes within production. They’re most commonly used in producing metals, cement and pharmaceuticals and even on university campuses.

Like with all machines, your HRSG will require maintenance and cleaning over time. This is often due to a buildup of algae, bacteria and debris within the HRSG. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends performing preventative maintenance on your HRSG at least twice a year. Doing so prevents buildup or damaged parts from affecting the whole machine and keeps your efficiency at its peak.


Hot Maintenance vs. Cold Maintenance

In most cases, an inspection starts with hot maintenance, which is anything that can be done while the machine is still plugged in and running. Generally, this process involves a very basic inspection. Still, it can tell you a lot about how your unit is aging and if there are parts you may have to replace in the near future.

Most HRSG maintenance, including cleaning, should only be done cold. Cold maintenance involves taking your system offline so that you can disassemble it, drain it and access the machine’s interior and exterior. During cold maintenance, you can get a more comprehensive look at how your HRSG is functioning and pinpoint more specific areas that may indicate parts needing cleaning or replacement.


Types of HRSG Cleaning

When it’s time for your HRSG’s biannual cleaning, it’s best to reach out to a team like EAI that’s made it our business to clean and maintain similar systems. We know how to take your machine apart, clean it and put it back together easily, minimizing the risk of damage. Some of the most popular methods for cleaning your HRSG are:

  • Sandblasting: Also known as grit blasting, this form of cleaning uses an abrasive material like steel grit, baking soda or glass to remove contaminants. The main downsides to this method are that it produces secondary waste that needs to be disposed of, and the abrasive materials may damage the HRSG itself if you don’t use the right tools.
  • Water blasting: High-pressure water blasting works with a pressurized jet that uses strong streams of water to rid your HRSG of contaminants. While this method can lower carbon emissions, too little pressure can leave debris behind, and too-high pressure can also affect the HRSG and its functional ability.
  • Dry ice blasting: Dry ice blasting involves using CO2 to remove dirt and buildup. It’s considered the best way to clean HRSG boilers for several reasons. Unlike sandblasting, using CO2 does not produce secondary waste, making it the most environmentally friendly form of cleaning. Furthermore, it’s less corrosive than other methods, so it’s less likely to damage your equipment during the cleaning process.


Why Choose EAI to Clean Your HRSG?

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. only uses the best cleaning and maintenance methods to keep your HRSG clean and functional. We specialize in creating our own dry ice for CO2 blasting, setting ourselves apart in the industry. Because we manufacture our own dry ice instead of ordering it in, we can be ready to go whenever you need us, getting you back to work faster.

If you’re ready to keep your HRSG power plant in top shape, contact EAI today. Our teams guarantee you’ll have a clean HRSG without any damage to your equipment every time.