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When it comes to serving the specialized decommission and decontamination needs of the nuclear power industry, few can match EAI’s expertise.
EAI has years of experience addressing the full range of decontamination challenges facing nuclear power utilities, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. EPA, Homeland Security, Private Licensed Facilities and the radiopharmaceutical industry. We provide a comprehensive solution for projects of any size—from decontamination support for plant upgrades and refueling projects to complete Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D).

Learn more about the radioactive decontamination process, our nuclear decommissioning plans, field survey services and more with EAI today.

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What Is Radioactive Decontamination?

In the simplest terms, radioactive or nuclear decontamination is the process of removing radioactive materials from a place or object. In the nuclear power industry, this procedure often includes handling the end-of-lifestyle stage of nuclear facilities such as power plants, radiopharmaceutical manufacturers, and research and weapons facilities.

These centers containing radioactive materials must be properly controlled and cleaned to ensure continued safety even after they cease operation. From disassembly to waste disposal, you must take the proper steps and work with a decontamination expert to prevent nuclear contamination or other issues in the area.

Nuclear decontamination involves several steps and processes that may vary according to your specific industry and need. Common areas of focus include inspection, disinfection, sterilization, and proper waste storage or disposal. 

EAI’s patented Decontamination Technology: Rad-Release


Radioactive Decontamination Services With EAI

By choosing an experienced partner like EAI, you’ll have access to a professional team with the necessary tools and expertise to address your decontamination and decommissioning needs at a range of nuclear facilities. We’ve achieved contaminant reduction rates between 90% and 99% to ensure the cleanest, safest sites after the cleanup process.

We’ll create a tailored plan that uses our innovative technologies to address your site’s decontamination needs. Radioactivity control requires thorough planning and care to address unique hazards and challenges.

You can trust EAI as your partner with our experience in radiological decontamination. Our non-hazardous processes minimize exposure risks, secondary waste and eliminates mixed waste to save you time, effort and disposal project costs.

We clean and decontaminate a range of radioactive radiological sites and facilities in the nuclear power industry, including:

  • Nuclear Power Sites
  • Department of Energy Sites
  • Department of Defense Sites
  • Sites with radiological waste that has no path forward 
  • Radiopharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • And more.


Decontamination Plans From EAI

For each project, EAI creates a tailored decontamination plan, applying a range of techniques, tools and technologies to ensure the best results with waste minimization as a key factor:

Rad-Release I and Rad-Release II

Rad-Release I and II are effective for a range of contaminants such as all radionuclides, including transuranics. We can safely deploy Rad-Release on a wide variety of surfaces. The Rad-Release page provides more information about this method, including a video demonstration of Rad-Release being applied.

CO2 Decontamination

EAI is the company that first introduced CO2 decontamination to the nuclear industry in 1989. A non-destructive cleaning method that is vastly superior to grit blasting and generates no secondary waste., EAI blasts contaminated surfaces with pelletized CO2 to penetrate the contaminant layer. Upon impact, the solid CO2 pellets sublimate to a gas, efficiently lifting the contaminant from the surface to be swept away by the HEPA filtration removal process.

Super Gel

Super Gel effectively targets all radionuclides, including transuranics, along with numerous other contaminants. Safely deploy Super Gel on a variety of radioactive surfaces to decontaminate a site. The Super Gel page provides more information about this method’s radioactive decontamination abilities, including a video demonstration of Super Gel being applied.

Concrete Shaving

EAI’s drum-mounted, diamond-impregnated blade precisely shaves from 1mm to 20mm off the concrete surface. This precision tool is operated remotely and virtually eliminates airborne dust to minimize risk to the worker and the equipment.

EAI provides nuclear power utilities with a comprehensive range of services, including:

Nuclear testing for Homeland Security applications

Radiological Decontamination

EAI provides comprehensive radiological decontamination services for projects of any size. Our proven technologies and techniques enable us to achieve significant decontamination factors—dramatically reducing the volume of high and low level waste and often allowing free release of treated objects. We have the expertise and capabilities to handle any decontamination project—from a single glovebox to decommissioning an entire site.

a man wearing headphones and a hard hat stands in front of a large dome at a nuclear facility

Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D)

We support the decommissioning of licensed radioactive sites with a turnkey decontamination approach. Our proven technologies and expertise dramatically reduce the volume of contaminated waste and often allow free release of treated objects. We can help utilities and other nuclear facilities achieve final closure requirements for licensed termination plans.

a man wearing a hard hat is talking on a cell phone

Emergency Call Out Services

EAI can respond quickly and effectively to address emergency situations at your facility. Our self-contained Mobile Decontamination Facilities (MDFs) enable us to help nuclear plant operators recover from unscheduled events and minimize plant downtime—safely and rapidly.

smoke is coming out of the chimneys of a nuclear facility

Environmental Hazard Remediation

Often times, nuclear facilities must deal with other environmental hazards besides radiological material. EAI supports EPA Superfund, RCRA, and CERCLA remediation projects, as well as comprehensive decontamination services for a range of environmental hazards, including:

  • PCBs
  • Hazardous coatings remediation (Lead & PCB)
  • Pesticides and other hazardous chemicals
  • Radiological contamination
  • Mercury and heavy metals
Nuclear decontamination

Planned Outage Services

EAI supports decontamination of equipment and components within operating facilities as well as non-operating facilities. This includes scheduled decontamination support during refueling, maintenance and upgrade operations such as Steam Generator Replacement Projects (SGRP) or decontamination and recovery of rooms and buildings.

Puzzle Piece with Key

Turnkey Solution

Whatever challenges you’re facing when it comes to your site’s nuclear contamination issues and decommissioning efforts, EAI provides complete, turnkey solutions to meet your facility’s needs. These services include:

  • Site review and assessment
  • Comprehensive decontamination strategy development
  • Complete site preparation
  • Health and safety
  • Decontamination using most appropriate technologies
  • Waste collection and packaging


Get Trusted Nuclear Decontamination Services From EAI

At EAI, we’ve been delivering quality services to our customers around the globe for decades. We’ve served a variety of clients in many different industries and countries to help them achieve the best, safest results.

For more information or to request service, get in touch with us today by filling out our online contact form.