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Gas Turbine Cleaning

As gas turbines operate every day, waste and debris build on their parts, causing efficiency losses over time. Ensuring that your facility’s gas turbines are functioning at their best is crucial for an efficient and cost-effective operation.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we have partnered with Chemtron, a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning solutions, to offer their chemical products exclusively to U.S. facilities with gas turbines. This partnership combines our premier products and services to provide superior gas turbine cleaning solutions that will increase your equipment’s effectiveness and safety, while increasing your operating efficiency.

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Our Partnership With Chemtron Cleaning Products

We’ve chosen to work with Chemtron because of their impressive record in the industry. With 40 years of experience in the field, the company has made many innovative advances and manufactured a variety of valued turbine cleaning products. Today, Chemtron is a leader in developing and manufacturing systems for both offline and online turbine cleaning services. Respected turbine OEMs, including Siemens and General Electric, have approved and certified the Chemtron product line for use.

Chemtron’s high-performance systems include fully automated and manual delivery systems and industrial cleaning products for gas turbine cleaning.

The Chemtron product line and cleaning systems have been highly successful in Germany, throughout Europe and the Asian Pacific regions, and they have recently seen a surge in use in the United States. Clients are using Chemtron products for diverse industry needs, applying them to work sites ranging from power stations to chemical plants.

EAI’s process is applied as a light atomized spray, allowed to dwell for 20 minutes and then removed by steam cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning Process being
applied to a Turbine Section

Turbine Section after cleaning

Benefits of Using Our Products to Clean Your Gas Turbine?

We use Chemtron products to maximize the benefits our clients see from gas turbine cleaning. Work with EAI to experience:

  • Improved efficiency: Regular cleaning helps turbines operate at peak efficiency with minimal downtime.
  • Cost savings: Your turbine will do more with less, saving your business money. Plus, the turbine will be less likely to experience costly damage.
  • Greater productivity: Our cleaning methods are easy to integrate into any facility’s schedule for a fast procedure that gets crews back to work and keeps them working without hangups.


How Our Gas Turbine Cleaning Services Work

With Chemtron’s premier cleaning products and our innovative services, we’re able to offer a new level of exceptional solutions for your gas turbine equipment.

As hydrocarbons build up on the blades, the flow cross-section changes and decreases the equipment’s operating power. Our solution is our compressor cleaning system and detergents, which work together to help recover the lost generating output. This system allows for cleaning the turbine compressor in offline use and holding the maximum compressor power in online use.

Our offline cleaning process combines these technologies and products to thoroughly clean your gas turbine equipment. We start by applying a light atomized spray to the contaminated surface of the gas turbine. After letting the solution work for 20 minutes, we’ll use steam cleaning to remove the contaminants. Our online cleaning process allows plants to use permanently mounted or mobile skids to inject the cleaning solutions while remaining operational.

Gas turbine fouling can significantly impact your efficiency, and it’s essential to get the right cleaning services to prevent the debris buildup from continuing. Our work will provide visible performance improvements, boosting your gas turbine’s productivity and saving you time and energy costs.

Turbines are quickly cleaned by our experienced personnel to support dovetail inspections and other maintenance work that is required during both scheduled and emergency shut downs.

Turbine Section prior to
EAI Cleaning

Turbine Section during cleaning

Why Is Gas Turbine Washing Necessary? 

Gas turbines accumulate residue through regular use. The system’s compressor will build up hydrocarbons, oil, grease, sand and other contaminants that inhibit its ability to send pressurized air to the combustion system. These unwanted substances will stick to the compressor’s blades, altering their shape and preventing air from flowing through the system.

A dirty compressor is more susceptible to damage and will cause the entire turbine to lose efficiency. Gas turbine cleaning prevents the loss of time and money spent repairing or replacing components.


How Can You Tell When You Need to Clean Your Turbine?

Dirty turbine compressors result in power reductions, discharge pressure reductions and exhaust temperature increases. A change of 2% or more in any category is a sign to schedule a cleaning appointment. Regular gas turbine cleaning limits the effects that time and everyday use have on a system.

Implementing consistent cleaning procedures helps your business stay ahead of the most common issues and notice any differences in your system’s performance early.


Improve Gas Turbine Performance With EAI and Chemtron Cleaning Services

When you work with EAI and Chemtron, you benefit from the services of two leading brands in the industry. We have trusted, proven experience in delivering the best solutions to customers, and we offer you the same exceptional service. Let us work with you to get your equipment back to optimal performance for long-term efficiency.

Contact us with any questions or service requests and discover how we can help you improve your equipment’s performance and cost-effectiveness.