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Oil and Gas Industry Cleaning

Safe, efficient oil field operation depends on every system being free of the disruptive residue that builds up over time. Furnaces, boilers, oil towers, pipes and other components can all accumulate substances that compromise efficiency and production while putting your personnel at risk. Oil field cleanup services will ensure your facility is ready for optimal performance.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. specializes in oil field cleaning services. We use innovative, environmentally friendly cleaning methods to dislodge deposits and residue so every system can return to its peak functionality. Our dry ice blasting method is safe for your equipment and staff, and it provides the thorough cleaning your facility needs.


Why Are Oil Field Cleanup Services Important?

Dirty oil field equipment poses numerous problems. Substances like heavy oils, bitumen, acids and chemicals can cause corrosion that damages oil field pipes and other equipment. Contaminants can also lead to environmental conditions that risk your employees’ health and safety. Scheduling oil field pipe cleaning and related services every [insert time frame] can make a significant difference at your facility.

Work with EAI to:

  • Improve production by preventing downtime for equipment repairs.
  • Boost your facility’s energy efficiency to reduce costs and limit the environmental impact.
  • Ensure your staff’s safety while maximizing their productivity.
  • Simplify future maintenance needs.


How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

At EAI, dry ice blasting is our primary method for cleaning oil field equipment and structures. Dry ice blasting uses frozen carbon dioxide and compressed air to dislodge residue and blow it away. The dry ice blasting process is safer for equipment than methods that use other solid materials like sand or crushed glass. Plus, the process creates little waste, resulting in fast cleanup and minimal environmental impact. Here’s how it works:

  • The blasting machine uses compassed air to project pellets of frozen carbon dioxide through a hose and nozzle.
  • The frozen pellets send residue into thermal shock just before impact, causing the residue to freeze and crumble.
  • The carbon dioxide pellets collide with residue on the cleaning surface and vaporize upon impact.
  • The impact force and compressed air combine to further dislodge residue and send it away from the surface.


Choose EAI for Oil and Gas Cleaning Services

At EAI, we’ve implemented the dry ice blasting technique as a cleaning method in oil fields of all sizes worldwide. Our Mobile Support trailers are capable of bringing all the equipment we need to your facility so we can produce frozen carbon dioxide and clean your equipment with zero impact on your utility bills. We’ll work quickly and tailor our services to your timeline to clean your oil field with minimal disruption to your workflow. Put your oil field in the experts’ hands.


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Our oil and gas cleaning services are fast, effective and safe for your staff, equipment and the environment. Work with us to provide services that improve efficiency where it counts. Our customer service team is available to explain how dry ice blasting can benefit your oil field or to schedule your cleaning appointment, so contact EAI online today.