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Boiler Tube Dry Ice Blasting Services

By Jessie West | April 24 2023

What Is Industrial Boiler Tube Cleaning?

Industrial boiler tube cleaning aims to safely remove all deposits from inside the boiler tubes. In higher-pressure boilers, copper and magnetite are removed. Hard adherent scales like calcium carbonate are generally removed in low-pressure boilers.

Alkaline cleaning solutions composed of a surfactant and trisodium phosphate are often employed before boiler cleaning. These solutions eradicate oil-based compounds from tube surfaces and clear away materials that may interfere with the boiler cleaning chemicals and deposits.


Boiler Tube Ice Blasting Services

Over several decades, multiple methods have been developed for industrial boiler cleaning. While there are many effective methods, the industry’s most efficient and environmentally friendly method is dry ice blasting.

The process of dry ice blasting begins with producing frozen CO2 pellets, also known as dry ice. At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we generate these pellets on-site wherever we’re cleaning, allowing us to achieve a more thorough and effective cleaning. We use compressed air to blast the dry ice pellets onto the surface of your boiler tubes.

When the dry ice contacts your boiler tubes, they sublimate and lift contaminants away from the tubes. The gas from the ice evaporates, and we use a negative air recovery system to clean up the debris removed from the surface of your tubes. This process produces no secondary waste and is non-damaging to your system.


Why Should You Come to EAI to Clean Your Boiler Tubes?

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to deliver customized solutions for your requirements. Since 1989, our team has been committed to ensuring optimal safety and productivity by providing quality turnkey industrial plant cleaning services.

With many reoccurring customers throughout New England and the Northeastern U.S., the EAI Industrial Cleaning Team has been successful in supporting outage and shutdown projects for various applications. Our client list includes leading industrial companies, federal government agencies and private and public energy utilities. We have cleaned a wide range of different boilers, conveyor belts, oven interiors and components.

In all cases, dry ice blast cleaning has proved to be a viable alternative to other cleaning methods to remove carbon deposits, flux, weld splatter, urethanes, plastics, general surface grime and other materials.

Benefits of investing in boiler tube cleaning services from EAI include:

  • Highly efficient cleaning capabilities.
  • No confined space entry required.
  • Decreased hazard exposure.
  • Precise tube indexing.