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UCOR Team Awarded 8.3B Oak Ridge Clean up Contract

By Jessie West | December 15 2021

  The US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Management (EM) on 26 October awarded United Cleanup Oak Ridge (UCOR), the Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Contract (ORRCC) at the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) is proud to announce its role as a Team Subcontractor on the Amentum-led […]

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What is Nuclear Decommissioning?

By Jessie West | November 11 2021

How Are Nuclear Power Plants Decommissioned? People often think of power plants as places bustling with nonstop activity, generating the electricity residential, commercial and industrial areas need. However, for several reasons, the time comes when some power plants must cease operations for good. This moment begins the process of power plant decommissioning. The process of […]

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How to Remove Paint with Dry Ice Blasting

By Jessie West | July 9 2021

  Dry Ice Blasting to Remove Paint Dry ice blasting, also called CO2 blasting, is a paint removal method that relies on carbon dioxide pellets to clean surfaces. Carbon dioxide, which makes up a small portion of the atmosphere, turns into dry ice in its solid form. Dry ice blasters take advantage of this transformation and accelerate […]

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Offline vs. Online Turbine Cleaning

By Jessie West | March 23 2021

  Offline vs. Online Turbine Cleaning Gas turbine cleaning methods can be conducted online and offline, and the cleaning process differs depending on whether the system is running or not. Each method features its own advantages and disadvantages. Facilities must make decisions for each turbine. Deposit amounts and loss of function will play roles in choosing […]

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How To Restore Lost HRSG Performance

By Jessie West | January 15 2021

Restore Lost HRSG Performance Today’s power market is uncertain with fluctuating fuel costs and demand. This means it’s essential for companies in the industry to maximize production and efficiency. However, small changes in equipment condition can significantly impact productivity, especially with heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). Fortunately, these issues can be resolved with comprehensive cleaning […]

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