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Electric Motor and Generator Cleaning

Electric motors and generators are critical components of industrial operations, and you need them to function optimally for day-to-day use. Over time, however, debris and corrosion can build up in electrical equipment, so maintenance and cleaning are crucial to protect these essential components of your facility’s operations.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we provide innovative solutions to maintain equipment integrity and performance for the long term. Our cleaning methods carefully restore electric motors and generators while protecting their functionality.

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Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting for Electrical Equipment?

Electrical equipment can quickly accumulate debris, and it’s essential to address the buildup proactively. Over years of use, generators and electric motors can collect debris, oils and grease. If left unaddressed, this accumulation can cause a significant loss in performance, reducing overall productivity on the job.

With appropriate cleaning, you can experience many benefits for your equipment, including:

  • Optimized work environment: Working with well-conditioned equipment increases employees’ safety and efficiency at your facility.
  • Increased efficiency: Keeping your equipment in optimal condition allows it to consistently reach its full generating capacity, delivering top productivity rates for daily operations.
  • Longer service life: When you use EAI’s cleaning services, you protect your motors and generators from debris and corrosion, giving them a longer service life and reducing the need for future repairs.
  • Increased revenue: With higher efficiency from optimally functioning equipment, you’ll be able to bring in more revenue from your operations.


Our CO2 Blasting for Electric Motors and Generators

At EAI, we use dry ice blasting for generators and electric motors to optimize the cleaning process. Widely recognized as the most effective cleaning method for many industrial cleaning applications, our CO2 blasting process follows a distinct technique to ensure effective cleaning:

  • On-site dry ice production: First, we manufacture our dry ice on-site to ensure its freshness and maximize its efficacy.
  • Pellet blasting: We then pelletize the dry ice and blast out the granules with compressed air.
  • Efficient cleaning: The stream of dry ice efficiently penetrates dirt and debris, thoroughly cleaning the surface.
  • Dry ice sublimation: Finally, the dry ice pellets sublimate into gas and lift away surface debris for capture by a negative air recovery system, leaving no secondary waste behind.

Because CO2 blasting is a dry process, we can safely operate around electric applications and sensitive components. Our approach allows us to clean surfaces with maximum effectiveness while protecting the elements from abrasion.

Dry ice blasting for electric motors, generators and other equipment is highly safe and effective. It’s a method that can carefully treat the delicate electrical components of the application while delivering comprehensive cleaning to boost function and productivity.

Generator sets accumulate grease, oils and debris that effect performance. Routine maintenance of this type of equipment typically includes cleaning of the fields and windings on both the rotor and stator.
Routine generator maintenance and cleaning Routine generator maintenance cleaning

Optimize Your Electrical Equipment Productivity With EAI Cleaning Services

For every client, EAI strives to deliver trusted service that meets our high standards of excellence. In 1989, we introduced the dry ice blasting process to the industry, and we continue to pioneer the best cleaning methods for industrial applications today. Our customers choose to work with us because we always deliver on our commitment to providing exceptional, innovative cleaning solutions for industrial equipment.

We’re here to help you find the right cleaning solutions for your facility. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, reach out to us today.