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Industrial Tank Cleaning

Industrial storage tanks are used to store and haul liquids and hazardous wastes. These tanks occasionally need to be emptied and cleaned out for maintenance, inspections or product changes. You’ll want to hire a professional tank cleaning company to ensure your tank is totally clean and in compliance with industry standards.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we offer complete turnkey industrial tank cleaning services for clients across various industries. We offer innovative solutions and top-of-the-line tools to get your tanks perfectly clean every time.

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What Is Industrial Tank Cleaning?

Industrial tank cleaning services involve purging tank materials and cleaning out the inside of the tank. Since storage tanks are routinely used to store and transport hazardous materials, they need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they’re in good condition and safe to use.

Without proper cleaning, residual waste can decrease the capacity of your tanks and hide conditions inside that tank that may lead to expensive repairs and hazardous conditions.


When Should You Clean Your Industrial Tanks?

Tank operators are subject to many rules and regulations that dictate how they should use and care for their tanks. Aboveground storage tank owners, for example, are required to follow standards set by the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 653. API 653 indicates that regular inspection intervals are required to evaluate tank corrosion rates and ensure the health of the tank.

In addition to cleanings for regular inspections, there are several other reasons to clean your tanks, such as if you’re experiencing capacity loss, changing the product in the tank, or performing other maintenance and repairs.


Servicing Storage Tanks and Vessels of All Types

Tank designs vary widely depending on the requirements of the job site. Tanks can be aboveground or underground and have different shapes, styles and sizes. Storage tanks generally range in size from 6,000 to 12 million gallons of liquid and can store virtually any material.

At EAI, we’ll help you find turnkey solutions to clean almost any type of storage tank vessel, including water tanks, chemical tanks, cargo tanks, fuel tanks and frac tanks.


What Can EAI Do?

EAI offers a wide range of industrial tank cleaning services to ensure your tank is completely clean and meets standards every time. Whether you need a chemical tank cleaning to pass an inspection or you need a frac tank cleaned to rental company standards, our team is ready to help meet your needs.

Our experienced industrial tank cleaning team can help with degassing, material removal, tank treatment, sludge removal and more.


Why Choose EAI for Industrial Tank Cleaning?

Since 1989, EAI has found new and innovative ways to tackle industrial cleaning challenges. Our focus is on creating efficient and environmentally friendly ways to clean, incorporating state-of-the-art equipment and the highest safety standards.

When you work with EAI, you’ll get customized, turnkey solutions that meet your needs and minimize your downtime. Our team will come to your worksite to evaluate your industrial tank and create a plan that ensures your tank is cleaned safely and effectively.


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Proper tank cleaning is a tricky process that requires specialized tools and trained team members. Contact EAI today to learn more about our industrial tank cleaning services and schedule your next cleaning.