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Food Processing Plant Cleaning

Food processing plants depend on sanitary conditions for survival and efficient productivity. Fans, tubes, mixers, belts, conveyors, bins, ovens and more rely on high cleanliness levels. 

Because maximizing effectiveness while minimizing downtime is vital, investing in food plant cleaning services from a trustworthy company is crucial to maintaining efficiency and increasing productivity.

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Why Do You Need to Clean Food Processing Plants? 

Food packaging and processing equipment accumulate glue, crumbs, seasonings, proteins, wax, grease and other debris over time. Regular cleanings will keep equipment operating at peak efficiency and should adhere to the same standards as any work surface or cooking equipment. 

To assure safety from any foodborne contaminants, follow these guidelines:

  • Scheduled cleanings: Equipment used to manufacture and create food items must be kept clean regularly — preferably on a schedule — immediately after use. 
  • Storage and shelving maintenance: The storage and shelving stations housing the equipment should maintain the same sanitary levels as the rest of the food preparation areas. These storage areas should be touched up as needed when food preparation equipment is used and returned.


Food Plant Cleaning Services and Their Benefits 

Food processing cleaning companies use several methods for food manufacturing plant cleaning. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaning: Wet and dry vacuum trucks effectively and efficiently eradicate debris, liquids and powders used in food cleaning and processing procedures.
  • Steam blasting: Also known as hot water pressure washing, steam blasting safely cleans oily, greasy or baked-on residue.
  • Abrasive media blasting: Sandblasting uses various media and involves matching materials to your surface cleaning requirements. It is ideal for resurfacing needs. 
  • Dry ice blasting: Dry ice blasting is a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning method that doesn’t result in any secondary waste. 


Environmental Alternatives, Inc.: A Food Processing Cleaning Company Dedicated to Excellence

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) provides the food plant cleaning services you need to maintain your efficient, inspection-ready facility. EAI introduced dry ice blasting technology to the power industry in 1993 and now employs specialized equipment to convert liquid carbon dioxide into solid pellets.

When you choose us for full turnkey food plant cleaning services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Increased plant performance: Our dry ice blasting technology protects and extends the life of your company’s assets.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning methods: Dry ice blasting offers a sustainable cleaning method without secondary waste. 
  • Cleaner and more effective solutions: Because we make dry ice on-site, we can provide a higher quality cleaning experience than other dry ice blasting companies that have dry ice delivered to the job site. Our Mobile Support Trailers (MSTs) mobilize anywhere in the U.S. and the globe to address emergencies or unscheduled events. 
  • Economical solutions: Our cleaning services earn a good return on investment (ROI). Our food plant cleaning methods increase plant performance, helping you save on operating costs.


Choose EAI for Your Food Plant Cleaning Services

Highly trained cleaning technicians from EAI provide food processing cleaning services to ensure your machinery and plant equipment operate at full capacity. Our dry ice blast cleaning service offers a superior cleaning solution that eliminates secondary waste, reduces cleaning time and decreases overall cleaning costs.

You can trust EAI’s cleaning specialists to evaluate your requirements and develop customized, effective, timely and economical solutions. Reach out to us today and get your equipment cleaned in record time. 

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