Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting
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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

By Jessie West | July 5 2022


Dry ice blasting is a process for cleaning areas and various equipment, such as heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), by using CO2 pellets. The dry ice cleaning method works by shooting a pressurized stream of these pellets at about 75 to 1,000 feet per second at impurities. Instead of chiseling away the contaminants like grit blasting and other cleaning techniques do, the CO2 pellets pierce the accumulated waste and then sublimate into a gas, effectively removing the debris from the surface.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we offer dry ice blasting services that have several benefits, including enabling you to enhance your business operations and improve your bottom line.


Why Use Dry Ice Blasting?

Many operations require regular cleaning to maintain peak operation, safety and cleanliness. Choosing dry ice blasting to help with this maintenance is beneficial for several applications, such as:


Benefits of CO2 Blasting

Several methods are available for cleaning equipment or sanitizing sites, including using water, grit, chemicals and other materials. Choosing dry ice blasting over these other options has many advantages, including:

  • Saving time and money: Dry ice blasting reduces downtime because it can occur on-site without disassembling machinery or pausing operations, reducing the money lost during this time. It also helps you return to normal activity quicker by not creating secondary waste that requires cleanup.
  • Protecting the environment: This method’s lack of secondary waste benefits the environment, as other options often result in contaminated leftover materials. Additionally, the recycled CO2 we use is nontoxic and doesn’t create harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Preserving equipment: Instead of chiseling away debris like other blasting methods, the CO2 pellets used in this technique penetrate the contamination and gently lift it. This nonabrasive process will not wear away your equipment, enabling you to clean more frequently.
  • Increasing effectiveness: This process has an incredible return on investment (ROI), allowing your machinery and processes to run smoother without causing additional costs for extended downtime or fixing damaged parts. CO2 blasting can also access tighter spaces, resulting in more comprehensive sanitation.


Contact Environmental Alternatives Inc. for Professional Dry Ice Blasting

Interested in experiencing the benefits of CO2 blasting for yourself? At EAI, we provide the efficient solutions you are looking for. We make our dry ice on-site instead of obtaining it from third parties, ensuring high-quality cleaning products every time. This process also helps us deliver cleaner and more effective services.

We introduced using dry ice blasting for power market equipment in 1993, and since then, we have remained industry leaders with our innovative solutions and advanced equipment. We guarantee that the areas you want us to clean will not be damaged during the blasting process, and our turnkey services enable us to come to your business when you need us.

Experience the EAI difference today by contacting us online or by phone to set up an appointment or learn more about how our services can benefit your business.