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Reliable boiler performance is essential to any paper mill, and even the best systems can lose efficiency over time. Daily boiler operations cause solid substances to build up inside the tubes’ interior walls. These deposits can lead to boiler failure, which results in lost time at best and serious equipment damage or employee injury at worst. Regular boiler cleaning is a vital part of running a pulp and paper mill, so choose cleaning services from an experienced crew using the most effective methods.

At Environmental Altnernatives, Inc., we provide paper mill cleaning services for facilities across the United States. Our cutting-edge cleaning solutions and dry ice blasting processes revitalize paper mill boilers for greater energy efficiency, production output and safety. Request pulp mill cleaning services from EAI today.


Why Is Paper Mill Boiler Cleaning Important?

Deposits inside a boiler can negatively impact the system’s efficiency and reliability. The thicker the deposits become, the worse the effects. Before long, thick deposits can cause issues like overheating or sub-deposit corrosion that can result in boiler failure. Paper mill cleaning services can prevent these problems and restore a boiler to its peak functionality when they do occur.

Some of the greatest benefits of paper mill cleaning include:

  • Productivity: Clean boilers allow your facility to make the most of every working hour. Dirty, malfunctioning boilers can stop production in its tracks, costing you time and money.
  • Safety: Thick deposits give way to environmental hazards that could harm your personnel. Cleaning your boilers regularly will ensure a safer workplace.
  • Efficiency: Removing excess deposits will ensure your boiler uses fuel efficiently, reducing your facility’s energy costs.


How Do You Know It’s Time to Clean?

A few warning signs indicate the need for boiler cleaning services at your pulp and paper mill. Inconsistent water chemistry is one. Raw water and black liquor may invade your system, while wastewater will show uncharacteristically high pH levels. Deposit weight density (DWD) is another indicator. Schedule cleaning services when DWD measurements show a threshold value. Finally, look for visible deposits inside the boiler.

At EAI, we recommend scheduling boiler cleaning services often for the best results.


Why Choose EAI?

EAI is a leading provider of boiler cleaning services for paper mills and other facilities across numerous industries. As the originators of the dry ice blasting method, we have the most experience using the process. Our expertise has enabled us to set the industry standard for effective dry ice cleaning services.

EAI crews have worked on facilities of all sizes and magnitudes. We’re ready to embrace your project and produce the results you want to see. Count on EAI to position your facility for success.


Request Paper Mill Cleaning Services

EAI provides the most effective boiler cleaning services for pulp and paper mills. Our dry ice blasting methods will restore your boiler’s efficiency for safe, productive operation. For more information on our paper mill cleaning services or to schedule an appointment, contact EAI online today.