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Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting Services

When you need industrial cleaning processes that are safe and effective, consider dry ice blasting services. Powerful and efficient, dry ice cleaning can handle grime and stubborn residue without the need for harsh chemicals and without creating secondary waste.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we enhance the quality of our dry ice blasting services by making our own dry ice on demand at your work site. On-site dry ice production allows for greater efficiency, so you can get the comprehensive cleaning services you need for your industrial environment.

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What Are Dry Ice Blasting and CO2 Dry Ice Blasting Services?

Dry ice blasting and CO2 blasting are two terms that describe the same process. We use CO2 dry ice cleaning as our main service and cleaning method of industrial plants and HRSG’s because of its high level of effectiveness.

In the dry ice blasting process, we bring pressured liquid CO2 to the work site and then pelletize it into compressed dry ice granules. We deliver the pellets through a blasting nozzle with compressed air, sending out a stream of dry ice for CO2 cleaning. The pellet blasts quickly and efficiently penetrate dirt and debris before sublimating into gas on the cleaning surface to lift away contaminants.


How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive cleaning process that uses solid carbon dioxide to dislodge residue while leaving the surface intact. Similar in concept to pressure washing, dry ice blasting machines use compressed air to project media toward a surface at a high velocity. In this case, the media are carbon dioxide particles, which form solid pellets when cooled to −109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Blasting frozen carbon dioxide onto a surface has three immediate effects:

  • The surface’s contents freeze and fracture due to thermal shock before the pellets even make contact.
  • The high-speed collision between the dry ice pellets and the brittle surface contaminants breaks unwanted residue into small pieces.
  • Exposure to room temperature air causes the dry ice to rapidly vaporize, resulting in an explosive effect that dislodges more debris.


Benefits of CO2 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services

Industrial plants looking for efficient equipment cleaning methods choose dry ice blasting for a few primary reasons.

Environmentally Friendly

The CO2 pellets penetrate the contaminant layer and upon impact, sublimate to a gas and thereby generate no secondary waste. The CO2 liquid used to generate the pellets is originally captured as a waste product and recycled, allowing EAI to create dry ice pellets.


The CO2 pellets are abrasive but will not damage the surface being cleaned.

Highly Effective

Dry ice blasting’s unique expansion effect and flushing action allows it to clean more thoroughly because the dry ice pellets expand 700 times their original size when applied through the cleaning nozzle.

Flexible Availability

As a dry, efficient process, CO2 blasting is safe for a variety of industrial environments, including operations around electrical equipment.



Why Is Making Ice On-Site Better Than Having It Delivered?

When we produce dry ice on-site for each operation, we can ensure the quality and density of the pellets we use. Pre-made dry ice pellets are typically over 24 hours old and have lost density, which means they’ll begin to sublimate before they leave the blasting nozzle. Our freshly manufactured pellets, in contrast, have greater density for better cleaning performance because we prepare them on-site.

With on-site dry ice manufacturing, we optimize our cleaning process with dry ice pellets that clean with maximum effectiveness while still protecting the surfaces we’re cleaning. Our Mobile Support Trailers (MST) give us the innovative technology to make our own dry ice at the work site. We can travel anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide to provide scheduled, emergency or on-demand services for customers.


Dry Ice Cleaning Applications Across Industries

Ice blasting is an effective cleaning technique that can benefit businesses across various industries. Common commercial applications for dry ice cleaning include:

  • Food processing: Sanitizing foodservice equipment while removing grease and food residue.
  • AutomotiveRemoving rust or paint and cleaning vehicles’ electrical systems.
  • PrintingCleaning printing equipment of ink, paper pulp, grease and oils.
  • FoundryRemoving residue and refractory coatings from molds and castings.
  • Power generation: Cleaning transformers, AC/DC motors, circuit breakers and more.
  • Aerospace: Nonconductive cleaning for electrically charged environments.


Why Should You Choose Dry Ice Blasting Over Abrasive Blasting?

Like dry ice blasting, abrasive blasting removes unwanted substances by projecting media at a surface using pressurized air. Both cleaning methods are commonplace in commercial settings. However, dry ice blasting is preferable in many circumstances due to its non-destructive qualities. Dry ice blasting is superior to abrasive blasting for a few key reasons:

  • Dry ice blasting prevents equipment damage: Dry ice blasting dislodges unwanted materials exclusively, leaving your equipment in excellent condition and free from damage.
  • Dry ice blasting requires less cleanup: Frozen CO2 dissipates upon contact, meaning dry ice blasting creates far less waste to clean up than abrasive methods.
  • Dry ice blasting is better for the environment: Rather than using harmful chemicals and nonrenewable substances that create secondary effects, this method uses dry ice that dissipates into the air. It’s also possible to reclaim CO2 for closed-loop blasting.
  • Dry ice blasting is safer for employees: Frozen carbon vaporizes before it can cause harm, unlike abrasive media that may lead to injuries, like crushed glass, sand or steel shot.


Trust EAI for CO2 Dry Ice Blasting Services

In 1993, EAI was the first company to introduce the dry ice blasting technology to the power industry, and we continue delivering trusted commercial cleaning solutions today. We’re experts in this industry and use state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible services to our customers.

When you work with us, you can depend on the innovative, high-quality services we’ve been providing our customers from the start. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out to us and fill out our online contact form today.