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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat exchangers are designed to improve your system’s efficiency by optimizing heat transfer from one medium to another. When your heat exchanger needs to be cleaned, your efficiency may suffer. Having your heat exchanger cleaned regularly by the professionals at EAI can help prevent fouling and aging, keeping your system operating efficiently.

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Why Do You Need Heat Exchanger Cleaning?

Over time, your heat exchanger will begin to accumulate fouling like water scale and other deposits. These materials are a serious problem in virtually all industries that use water as an integral part of their heating and cooling processes because buildup can significantly impact how your heat exchanger operates.

You can tell that it’s time to clean your heat exchanger when you notice a drop in your system’s performance. When you clean and maintain your heat exchanger regularly, you can ensure your system is free of buildup and operating at peak performance.


How Do You Clean a Heat Exchanger?

Several methods for cleaning a heat exchanger effectively address any fouling or buildup while minimizing your downtime. Many systems include Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) equipment, allowing you to clean plate heat exchangers without disassembly. If your system does not allow for CIP, you may have to perform some form of manual cleaning.

Common heat exchange cleaning procedures include chemical cleaning and descaling, hydro blasting and water lancing, sanding and dry ice blasting.


CO2 Blasting for Heat Exchanger Cleaning

At EAI, CO2 dry ice blasting is our first recommendation for cleaning any part of an industrial heat exchange system because it’s highly effective and environmentally friendly. With dry ice blasting, some machinery can be cleaned with minimal downtime, saving you valuable production time during cleanings.

Our C02 blasting process begins when we arrive at your facility. We generate frozen CO2 pellets on-site and use compressed air to blast those pellets at your machinery. When the dry ice contacts the surfaces of your heat exchanger, they sublimate immediately, lifting away any contaminates and evaporating as gas.

Unlike sandblasting, hydro blasting or cleaning with chemicals, dry ice blasting generates no secondary waste and requires almost no cleanup. The process is fast, effective and uncomplicated, eliminating industrial buildup in even the most sensitive areas without damage.


Fin Fan Foam Cleaning

Fin fan foam cleaning involves the application of specialized cleaning foams to the exterior surface of the finned tubes in HRSGs. These foams are designed to penetrate deep into the intricate geometry of the fins, effectively loosening and lifting dirt, deposits, and contaminants. The foam is allowed to dwell for a specified period, during which it breaks down and dislodges the accumulated particles. Subsequently, the foam is rinsed off using high-pressure water jets, carrying away the dislodged debris and leaving the finned tubes clean and unobstructed. This cleaning method not only restores the heat transfer efficiency of the HRSG but also enhances its operational reliability and reduces the risk of corrosion due to accumulated pollutants. Regular fin fan foam cleaning is considered a preventive maintenance practice, contributing to the extended lifespan and optimal functioning of HRSGs in power plants, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing energy output.

Having a solid understanding of the proper procedure for conducting fin fan foam cleaning is essential to ensure a seamless process. With a foundation dating back to 1989, you can place your trust in experts such as Environmental Alternatives, Inc., when it comes to cleansing your heat exchanger. Our approach adheres to the highest standards, guaranteeing that our fin fan foam cleaning technique comprehensively refreshes your heat exchanger, leading to enhanced cooling efficiency.


Why Should You Choose EAI?

EAI has remained dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial clients for over 20 years. We use state-of-the-art equipment to offer turnkey, customized solutions for each client, including leading industrial companies, federal government agencies and private and public energy utilities.

When you work with our team to maintain your heat exchanger, you’ll get the results you need fast, with environmentally friendly cleaning options and fast, efficient practices. We’re one of the most trusted names in industrial cleaning in New England and the northeastern U.S.


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