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HRSG Cleaning Methods

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs). If you’re looking for HRSG cleaning services, we can provide the cleaning options you need to ensure your equipment is operating at full capacity.

Since 1989, EAI has served hundreds of clients in the United States and worldwide. We strive to meet each of our clients’ needs by delivering exceptional service and innovative processes for each project. To most effectively serve our customers, we have several cleaning methods for your equipment. We’ll work with you to identify the solution that best fits your facility’s requirements.

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Heat Recovery Steam Generator Cleaning Services

When you work with us to ensure that your HRSG is functioning optimally, our expert team will provide the solution that best fits your equipment requirements. Whatever operational needs you may have, we’ll work to provide cleaning services that protect your equipment and minimize operational downtime.

HRSG Cleaning: CO2 Blasting

CO2 blasting is typically our first recommendation for cleaning HRSGs. CO2 blasting, also known as dry ice blasting, is our primary cleaning method at EAI because it’s highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

EAI generates dry ice pellets on site which results in a more effective and thorough hrsg cleaning. Using compressed air, EAI blasts the dry ice pellets onto the surface, where they sublimate and lift contaminants away to be captured by a negative air recovery system.  The process is environmentally friendly, as it results in no secondary waste, and is gentle by not damaging the surface being cleaned.

Work With EAI to Find the Best HRSG Cleaning Methods for Your Facility

Since 1989, EAI has worked with diverse industries across the globe, and we continue to deliver on our commitment to providing the best cleaning services for each of our clients. Credited with introducing CO2 blasting to the industry in 1993, we are invested in providing innovative solutions for HRSGs and other industrial equipment. Today, we offer turnkey solutions to meet all your industrial cleaning needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our HRSG cleaning services, fill out our online contact form to get in touch with a representative.