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Foundry Dry Ice Blasting Services

Environmental Alternatives, Inc (EAI) offers turnkey foundry dry ice blasting services to ensure minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. With decades of industrial cleaning experience since 1989, we offer fast, professional and environmentally friendly solutions you can trust.

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EAI’s Dry Ice Blasting Services for Foundries

EAI offers foundry dry ice blasting services to clean molds effectively and in a nonabrasive manner.

Our team uses specialized machines to convert liquid CO2 into dry ice pellets. These pellets can blast-clean your foundry floors, hydraulic presses, electrical components, die-casting machinery, mixers, core boxes, tools, slot and screen vents and other surfaces:

  • Step 1: Liquid CO2 is stored under high pressure and directed to our pelletizer, which converts it to solid dry ice. We do this at your foundry.
  • Step 2: EAI compacts the snow to form micro pellets, then combines them with compressed air in a blasting valve. The pressurized stream pelts the intended surface at 75-1,000 feet per second to effectively clean your foundry machinery and floor.
  • Step 3: The dry ice pellets penetrate grease, oil, metal residues and other contaminants. The blasting material lifts them off as it sublimates to a gas.
  • Step 4: Once EAI lifts the contaminant layers, we channel them into our negative air system. This equipment purifies and releases the air, leaving your foundry clean and without secondary waste.


Importance of Foundry Industrial Cleaning

Dry ice blasting your foundry is crucial to clean your casting units, hydraulic press units, vents, conveyors and other equipment, ensuring your operations run smoothly and safely:

  • Routine blasting: Your factory is less at risk of downtime with scheduled cleaning. We can perform CO2 blast cleaning quickly, meaning you can continue operations right away.
  • Removing residue: Dry ice blasting safely clears casting units of carbon deposits, strips debris, grease and oil from hydraulic press units and rids heat exchangers and coils from contaminants. It significantly improves your foundry’s efficiency and removes flammable substances, making your factory safer.


Benefits of Foundry CO2 Blasting

Our CO2 blasting services have several benefits for your foundry:

  • Decreased downtime: Downtime in the foundry industry means reduced productivity and lost revenue in a highly competitive space. We clean your foundry quickly and efficiently with dry ice blasting, allowing for almost no downtime.
  • Health and safety: Foundry applications involve forgings, molds, castings and refractory coatings. Routine cleaning is essential when residue, grease, oil and resins land on your tools, core boxes, vents and equipment.
  • Enhanced production: EAI’s innovative cleaning processes efficiently remove residues from your foundry, ensuring high production levels and optimal production quality.
  • Meticulous cleaning: Dry ice blasting uses pellets to deliver high-pressure penetration. This intense but nonabrasive cleaning method is suitable for your permanent molds, vents, conveyors, die-casting tools and the foundry facility itself.
  • Safe solutions: EAI’s ice blasting is a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning method, using no water or corrosive cleaning solutions. It deep cleans carbon, dust, ink, lubricants and grease buildup without damaging machinery, electrical components, tooling or bearings.
  • Cost efficiency: CO2 blast cleaning won’t disrupt your productivity and doesn’t require the machinery’s disassembly, meaning you save on costs compared to other industrial cleaning methods.
  • No waste disposal costs: Our cleaning services generate no secondary waste, requiring no additional cleanup.
  • On-site services: EAI can make dry ice on-site, offering your foundry a superior cleaning experience with efficient technology.


Choose EAI for Your Foundry Cleaning Services

At EAI, we’re proud to provide quality services with innovative technology used in hundreds of factories worldwide.

We leverage decades of experience and a team of highly qualified experts to offer turnkey industrial cleaning services to foundries across the country. Contact our team today to learn more about our foundry dry ice blasting services.

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