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Aerospace Coating Removal

Businesses in the aerospace industry go to great lengths to ensure all aircraft feature aerodynamic designs for efficient flight. Surface debris can compromise a plane’s ability to cut seamlessly through the atmosphere. When repainting an aircraft, completely removing the previous coating is essential, but many coating removal methods can cause surface damage.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. offers aerospace cleaning services that remove all unwanted paint or adhesives while preserving the aircraft’s smooth surfaces. As a long-standing dry ice cleaning provider for the aerospace industry, we have the experience and resources to embrace jobs of all sizes. Get in touch to discuss aerospace coating removal from EAI.


Preserve Your Aircraft With Dry Ice Coating Removal

Each aircraft features various components that have unique coating requirements. A coating failure can be detrimental to an aircraft’s longevity, which is why it’s crucial to update coatings in regular intervals.

Removing the existing coating is essential when updating an aircraft’s coating, as improper surface preparation will cause the new coating to fail. Dry ice coating uses compressed air and frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets to dislodge the existing layer and blow it away from the surface.

Through dry ice blasting, our crews can remove the entirety of an aerospace coating without damaging the aircraft’s surface. The frozen CO2 pellets vaporize before contacting the surface, allowing them to loosen and remove the unwanted layer before contacting the surface. As a result, your aircraft will operate at peak performance for more flights when cleaned with an abrasive coating removal method.


Aerospace Coating Removal Services From EAI

EAI’s aerospace coating removal services are a safe, efficient way to prepare an aircraft for its next coating. Our aerospace industry cleaning tactics provide several benefits over other abrasive techniques:

  • Aircraft safety: Dry ice removes exterior coatings without causing damage to the aircraft’s surface.
  • Staff safety: Frozen and vaporized CO2 are nontoxic, resulting in less hazardous waste and safer working conditions for employees.
  • Effectiveness: Dry ice blasting tools can remove all of a surface’s existing coating, even in tight spaces where other tools may not be able to reach.
  • Efficiency: Our dry ice blasting technique can complete the same coating removal projects in less time than other methods so your staff experiences less downtime on coating preparation days.


Why Should You Come to EAI?

EAI has decades of experience using dry ice blasting as an aerospace coating removal method. We have the tools necessary to complete projects of any size efficiently. Our team uses mobile support trailers that contain all of the equipment and water necessary for dry ice blasting. We’ll drive our operation directly to your hanger to perform our services on-site.


Contact EAI

Dry ice coating removal services from EAI can extend your aircraft’s lifespan by cleaning surfaces for proper coating application. For more on our services or to discuss your aerospace operation, contact EAI online today!