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Fin Fan Foam Cleaning: A New Way to Clean Heat Exchangers

Keep your facilities heat exchanger clean and in good condition using the new and innovative fin fan foam cleaning method. 

Learn about fin fan foam cleaning and why the method is ideal when your heat exchanger is experiencing reduced cooling efficiency from dirty fin fan coils. 

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What Is Fin Fan Foam Cleaning and Why Do You Need It?

Fin fan foam cleaning is a gentle way to remove oil, dirt, debris and other contaminants from heat exchangers and increase cooling efficiency. The fin fan foam solution is applied to the fin fan tubes, where it soaks into the build up and breaks down the debris. After setting, the foam and debris are rinsed off using a low-pressure hose.

Fin fan foam cleaning is the ideal choice to clean heat exchanger fin fans because the process doesn’t involve sticking anything between the fins, which could cause damage otherwise. The method’s simplicity compensates for the intense cleaning work it produces. Besides the newly cleaned look that fin fan foam cleaning provides, the process also makes your heat exchanger perform better by increasing cooling efficiency. 

EAI recommends annual cleaning of your facilities heat exchanger to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of the equipment.  


Benefits of Fin Fan Foam Cleaning

While there are multiple ways to clean your heat exchanger’s fin fans, using the fin fan foam cleaning method is one of the safest, gentlest and most effective.  It’s a preferred cleaning method by many professionals due to its many advantages, including:

  • No damage to fin fans or equipment: Cleaning by using foam does not damage the equipment and fan components. While spraying foam over fin fans, the solution soaks into and between the fins, so you don’t have to stick anything in the sections to clean the crevices, which could damage the parts. 
  • Thorough removal of debris, dirt and oil: The foam used to clean fin fans can reach every crevice, resulting in a complete cleaning that some other methods may not handle.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient cleaning method: Foam detergent is a biodegradable solution that is strong enough to penetrate the dirt, oil or debris stuck on fin fans. The foaming fin fan solution is also non-hazardous, so your waste stream remains unaffected. 
  • Safe and gentle process: Highly trained and experienced technicians use a low-pressure hose to distribute the foam cleaning solution over the fins. They also use a low-pressure yet high-volume rinse to remove the foam so all the debris cleansed by it gets flushed out. The entire process is gentle, so the fin fans are not damaged.

Fin fan foam cleaning also minimizes downtime while increasing your equipment’s production capacity. You can keep operations running while the cleaning occurs. Additionally, the foam has a cooling factor, making the equipment run smoother without becoming overheated due to the excess debris.


Choose Environmental Alternatives, Inc., for Fin Fan Foam Cleaning Services

Knowing how to conduct fin fan foam cleaning correctly is crucial to ensuring the process goes smoothly. Established in 1989, you can rely on professionals like Environmental Alternatives, Inc., to clean your heat exchanger. We use proper measures so our fin fan foam cleaning method thoroughly cleans your heat exchanger and improves cooling performance. 

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