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Printing Plant Equipment Cleaning

Environmental Alternatives, Inc (EAI) provides turnkey solutions, including expert printing plant equipment cleaning for minimum downtime. With decades of industry experience since our start in 1989, you can trust us to offer superior, environmentally friendly solutions. Receive fast and professional machinery, equipment and facility cleaning from EAI.

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EAI Printing Plant Equipment Cleaning Services

EAI offers printing plant equipment cleaning that is safe and creates no secondary waste. We use specialized equipment to convert liquid CO2 into dry ice pellets. Blasting this dry ice is an effective method to clean your printing plant’s surfaces:

  • Step 1: Liquid CO2 is kept under high pressure and moved to our pelletizer at your plant, where the liquid is converted to a solid state of dry ice snow.
  • Step 2: Our equipment compresses the snow to form tiny pellets and combines them with compressed air in a blasting nozzle. This process creates a pressurized stream of pellets that travels at 75-1,000 feet per second.
  • Step 3: The dry ice pellets penetrate the contaminant layer of your printing equipment, lifting the buildup of materials as it sublimates to a gas.
  • Step 4: Once the blast lifts the contaminant layers, we direct them into our negative air system, filter the particles and release the air, leaving your machinery and surfaces clean with no secondary waste.


Importance of Cleaning Your Equipment

Dry ice blast cleaning is vital for printing plants because it supports equipment performance and increases productivity:

  • Routine cleaning: Without intervention, contaminants can cause your machines to function poorly. Your machinery is less at risk of downtime with scheduled cleaning.
  • Removing buildup: Ink buildup on your deck guides and gears can cause poor alignment, low printing quality and high scrap rates. Removing this buildup is essential to improving printing quality.
  • Cleaning ink mist: Printing at high speeds with fluid ink causes fine droplets or mist to transfer from the printing plate and the printed substrate. This ink mist settles and clogs the vents and nozzles, causing uneven airflow and slowing drying. Consequently, printing production and quality are reduced. Our dry ice blasting services are quick and efficient.


Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Services for Your Printing Plant

Using EAI’s CO2 blasting services for your printing plant has many benefits:

  • Precise cleaning: Dry ice blasting uses recycled solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets to deliver high pressure in vapor form, allowing for intense cleaning.
  • Minimal downtime: Due to the intensity and efficiency of our dry blasting services, we can clean your equipment quickly with minimal operational disruption. Manual scraping usually takes 30 hours per piece of equipment. With EAI’s dry ice technology, cleaning takes less than two hours for that same piece of equipment.
  • High production rates: With dry ice blasting, you no longer have to wait for the next shutdown to clean. You can clean between jobs, increasing your printing speed and quality.
  • Enhances performance: EAI’s innovative cleaning processes can efficiently remove ink and material buildups to ensure your gears and deck guides are working optimally.
  • Expert services: We maintain a highly skilled team of professionals with decades of industry experience.
  • On-site solutions: EAI exclusively makes dry ice on-site, providing a higher-quality cleaning experience than other service providers.
  • Safe cleaning: Dry ice blasting is a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning method. We can clean debris buildup without damaging your machinery.
  • No additional cleanups: Our cleaning system has no secondary waste and requires no additional cleanup.


Choose EAI for Your Printing Plant Industrial Cleaning Needs

EAI’s technology has been applied to hundreds of machinery throughout the United States, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

We rely on decades of experience to offer high-quality turnkey services, including inspections and print plant CO2 blasting. Contact us online for any of your industrial cleaning needs.

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