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Combine Cycle Power Plant Cleaning

What Is a CCPP?

Formally known as a combined cycle power plant, CCPP facilities utilize both gas and steam turbines to generate electricity. Considered more efficient than using one system, this effective method takes advantage of the waste heat produced by one process to power another.

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How Does a CCPP Work?

In a combine cycle power plant, fuel and air merge in a high-temperature environment to generate motion in the gas turbines. The turbine blades spin to generate electricity, which feeds into the electric grid. The exhaust gases travel to a heat recovery steam generator. In this machine, the heat is captured and used to create steam. This steam drives a second turbine tasked with generating more electricity.

The CCPP system can be up to 50% more efficient than other traditional plant types because it captures heat from the gas turbine and uses it to produce energy otherwise wasted.


EAI’s Cleaning Services

EAI is a premier provider of power plant cleaning services. Ensure your facility remains safe, secure and well-maintained with the following cleaning capabilities:

  • HSRG tubes: As part of our HSRG tube cleaning services, we can clean ammonia, sulfur, iron oxide and insulation fouling to boost thermal efficiency, increase tube life span, reduce fuel consumption and help you meet regulatory requirements.
  • SCR/CO catalysts: Our SCR/CO catalyst cleaning addresses the issues caused by dust, dirt and insulation in your system. We use our specialized vacuuming process to remove all the debris that can cause back pressure and reduce the life span of your catalyst, leaving you with a clean system ready for optimal performance.
  • AIG grids: Avoiding unplanned downtime and overheating turbines is essential to keep company functions running smoothly, but ammonia slip and consumption can lead to costly repairs. Through EAI’s ammonia injection grid cleaning services, you can save on costs and ensure the safety of personnel working in the plant.
  • Generators: Our team of highly skilled technicians receives extensive training to ensure safe and efficient cleaning of your generator without damaging the existing coating. This process minimizes environmental impact while maximizing open air flow to improve performance.
  • Other CCPP components: Between condenser tube cleaning, turbine cleaning and other services, you can count on EAI to provide recommendations and cleaning solutions to ensure your CCPP system works at its maximum potential.


About Our Dry Ice Blasting Services

In many cases, using chemicals to clean contaminated CCPP surfaces can pose harmful environmental risks. We recommend CO2 blasting as an environmentally friendly solution to your cleaning needs.

The experts at EAI will form the dry ice at your CCPP site location using specialized equipment, then use compressed air to blast the dry ice into the designated area. This approach allows us to penetrate hard-to-reach areas and capture contaminants with negative air recovery systems without producing secondary waste.

We offer a complete range of cleaning services for your CCPP. Our trained technicians will comprehensively clean your facility so you can save on operating costs while achieving a deep clean in one session.


Why Choose EAI?

Since 1989, EAI has paved the way as a leading provider of CCPP cleaning services. As a full-service provider, our team has maintained high standards from the beginning.

Whether you’re looking for CCPP cleanings or another industrial cleaning solution, you’ll find that we offer everything you need to make your facility run as it should. We have cleaned all major brands, including:

  • Nooter/Eriksen
  • Aalborg
  • Kawasaki
  • Alstom
  • NEM
  • Vogt
  • Deltak
  • CMI


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