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What Are Interior and Exterior Stacks?

Your facility’s Heat Recovery System Generator (HRSG) does important work for your plant. In making vital contributions to plant operations, though, it will also cause fouling in the stack interior, or a buildup of waste and deposits that affect the system’s efficiency. Depending on how heavily you use this system, it may need to be cleaned a few times a year to prevent fouling from interrupting or slowing down operations.

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI), we specialize in cleaning interior and exterior HRSG stacks, even when you use protective coatings to optimize workflow. We carry the unique distinction of being the first team to bring dry ice blasting to industries like yours. We introduce a safe, effective and waste-free cleaning process that will decontaminate every part of your facility without damaging your sensitive equipment or its protective additions.

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Interior/Exterior Stack Coating Cleaning for Your Facility

Cleaning coated stacks can be challenging for even the most experienced hands. Every painting or coating reacts differently to cleaning media, and many of them can be damaged or made ineffective when subject to harsh cleaning methods like high-pressure water blasting or grit blasting. However, forgoing this cleaning can cause even more delays than scheduling regular cleanings with EAI.

By outsourcing your cleanings to EAI, you can ensure only professionals handle your machines. We approach interior/exterior stack cleaning with care, especially when we have extra coatings to contend with. We work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to operating at full speed as soon as possible, and we use precise cleaning tools to target fouling without affecting what’s underneath it.


Why Use Dry Ice Blasting for Stack Coating Cleaning?

Dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting, carries significant advantages over other popular cleaning methods. When caring for stack coating, it is the only method you should choose. Unlike grit and water blasting, dry ice blasting is:

  • Waste- and mess-free: When our dry ice pellets connect with your stacks, they cling to debris and immediately dissolve into a gas, releasing the muck along with it. The gas can then be filtered and released into the atmosphere, resulting in a waste-free experience that leaves little mess behind.
  • Environmentally conscious: Without waste to dispose of, your facility can move that much closer to becoming carbon neutral — a strong selling point with modern-day consumers.
  • Nontoxic and nonabrasive: Along with being safe for the environment, dry ice blasting does not produce any chemicals or harmful byproducts that can damage equipment or pose a danger to your staff.


Choose EAI for HRSG Stack Cleaning Services

When every part of your facility is working at its best, you can create the safest workspace for your employees and generate the most profit through efficient operations. EAI’s stack coating cleaning services can help you make that happen. Our experienced technicians know how to approach every step of the cleaning process to give you the best service, and we guarantee your equipment won’t get damaged.

As the only crew in the industry that makes their own dry ice on-site, we mean business every step of the way. Learn more about how we do it, and request a quote for our services by contacting us online.