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Surface Preparation

No matter the type of equipment you use, a thorough clean can do wonders for your power plant’s productivity. Surface preparation is a necessary step in restoring a worn piece of machinery. At Environmental Alternatives, Inc., we use the dry ice blasting technique to prepare any surface for a fresh coat of paint or bonding material.

EAI offers industrial surface preparation for equipment throughout your plant. Since 1993, we’ve provided powerful and precise cleaning solutions using dry ice blasting. Through a pressurized CO2 surface blasting spray, we can prepare your machinery for a spotless finish. With EAI, you can be confident that all bacteria, grime and residue have been eliminated to leave behind a clean substrate.


Dry Ice Surface Preparation Areas

Surface residue can build up on equipment over time, ultimately slowing daily operations, risking health and safety, or causing costly damage. Dry ice blasting is a versatile surface care solution for various pieces of equipment, allowing you to maintain a safe, clean operation. The team at EAI uses specialized equipment with custom power settings to clean any of the following surface types:


The Dry Ice Difference

Preparing your surfaces for new paint requires a diligent clean that leaves no residue. Dry ice blasting penetrates surface contaminants on your equipment using small, pressurized particles of CO2 that lift away dirt and debris. This process is highly efficient and doesn’t require harsh chemicals or water. We can even tailor the process settings to specific surface types.

Allow our team to provide full-service deep cleaning for any rust, paint, oil, dirt or adhesive residue on your industrial equipment. Our dry ice blasting service cleans even the toughest surfaces, often going deeper than other pressurized media. Dry ice surface preparation offers a pristine result by:

  • Sanitizing the surface
  • Prepping for new coatings
  • Loosening stubborn residue
  • Drying immediately
  • Eliminating bacteria


The Benefits of Surface Blasting

With dry ice blasting, you can thoroughly remove contaminants from your industrial machinery. The cleaning professionals at EAI can sanitize various types of equipment used throughout the power industry without ever damaging a surface or missing a spot. We prioritize a safe and precise result through appropriate preparation and strict quality assurance measures.

Dry ice blasting is a versatile solution for disinfecting and preparing equipment throughout your plant. Painters can apply a new coat immediately after our team finishes, reducing downtime and optimizing your machinery’s life span. Power plant operators choose dry ice blasting services for the following reasons and more:

  • No residue: For more than 30 years, we’ve worked alongside power plants like yours to create long-lasting cleaning solutions. Our dry ice blasting methods leave no residue and absorb all contaminants in a negative air recovery system, ensuring there is no secondary waste.
  • No damage: As cleaning professionals, we guarantee that the dry ice blasting process will cause no damage to your equipment. In fact, proper cleaning can prolong your equipment’s life span.
  • No cleanup: As turnkey service providers, we make our own dry ice on-site and use only high-quality materials. Your team won’t have to lift a finger throughout the cleaning process, and we’ll make sure the area is spotless before we leave.


Choose EAI for Dry Ice Blasting

At Environmental Alternatives, Inc., we’re dedicated to leaving immaculate surfaces in your power plant. We maintain a high standard of service for every dry ice blasting project and ensure our best work through strict attention to detail. To prepare your surfaces for a new coat of paint, make sure they’re as clean as possible with our dry ice blasting service. Contact us online to learn more!