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Dry Ice-Blasting Gas Turbines

By Jessie West | September 22 2023

Cleaning is a necessary part of the maintenance that helps ensure gas turbines function optimally. Dry ice-blasting stands out from other cleaning methods due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.


Why You Need Dry Ice-Blasting for Gas Turbines

A gas turbine is a continuous-flow combustion engine that uses a combination of gas and fuel to generate electricity. Gas turbines work by heating fuel such as propane, natural gas or kerosene at high temperatures, which causes the turbine blades to spin and create usable energy.

Due to the turbine’s ability to convert chemical energy into mechanical or kinetic energy, it is used for various applications across several industries. Gas turbines can power electrical generators, aircraft, ships, pumps, tanks and other equipment, making them an essential source of energy generation in many fields.

A gas turbine comprises different parts that must be properly maintained to ensure peak performance. Over time, the compressor can have a build-up of foulants, which can impede efficiency. Foulants are contaminants that enter through the air or from the lube system, coating the turbine blades and roughening the surface. These contaminants include salts, minerals, hydrocarbons, oil and grease.

Regularly cleaning gas turbines is essential for removing foulants and ensuring optimal functioning. Dry-ice blasting is the most effective and efficient way of cleaning a gas turbine. It is a nonabrasive cleaning method that converts liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) into solid pellets blasted on a substrate, penetrating the contaminants and lifting them from the surface. It is an ideal choice for cleaning gas turbines since it is safer than other forms of blasting and won’t damage the surface.


Benefits of Dry Ice-Blasting Gas Turbines

While there are other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is the preferred choice for cleaning gas turbines and other industrial equipment because of the following benefits:

  • Nonabrasive: The solid pellets vaporize into gas once they hit the surface area, reducing the chance of damage to the equipment. This makes it easy to clean parts of the turbine, like the blading, that would otherwise deteriorate or lose value from harsher methods.
  • Environmentally friendly: The dry ice-blasting process sweeps the contaminants into a negative air recovery system, filters and releases them back into the atmosphere. As a result, there is no secondary waste since the process does not create or add CO2 to the air.
  • Efficient: Gas turbine dry ice blasting does not require the system to be disassembled or cooled down. It is done on-site and is usually a fast procedure, eliminating the chances of prolonged downtime.
  • No residue: One of the main concerns with cleaning gas turbines is the residue of cleaning products combined with contaminants causing damage. Since the pellets vaporize, gas turbine CO2 blasting does not leave residue behind.


How Environmental Alternatives, Inc. Can Help

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) specializes in gas turbine dry-ice blasting. As part of our commitment to providing innovative cleaning solutions for industrial settings, we introduced dry ice blasting to the power market in 1993. As experts in the field, we can help you prolong the life of your gas turbine through regular cleaning services that meet the requirements of heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) facilities across the world.

Our experts will help you find suitable solutions for your turbine to ensure it functions optimally. Our procedure is fast and highly effective, so your crew can get back to work as soon as possible.


Choose EAI for Quality Cleaning Solutions

At EAI, we use our extensive experience and advanced equipment to help you achieve the best results. We make the dry ice on-site, providing a cleaner and more effective solution. Contact us to learn more or request our service.