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By Jessie West | September 15 2023

Keeping your boiler in the best shape improves your operational efficiency and system longevity. Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) deploys innovative technologies to handle all industrial boiler cleaning jobs quickly, safely and without secondary negative ecological impact.

EAI is a leading industrial surface cleaning provider, taking on challenges since 1989. Our industry-leading equipment delivers customized and superior cleaning solutions to clean your boilers with minimal operational downtime.

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Why Boiler Cleaning Is Important?

Without proper boiler maintenance, your equipment outputs will decrease, your energy usage will increase and your boiler’s life span will significantly reduce. Using innovative technology like dry ice blasting, you can have your tubes cleaned and descaled quickly, providing immediate impact and prolonged system longevity.


Our Boiler Cleaning Services

EAI provides boiler cleaning services across the U.S. No boiler or system is too complex, large or small for our skilled team. If you have a cogeneration boiler, we have the tools and training to clean it with precision and sensitivity. Many competitors utilize sandblasting to treat scale and lift corrosives from your systems. This method is highly abrasive and causes damage. Likewise, chemicals may lift grime but compromise your boiler’s integrity. Instead, we use the latest cleaning technology to restore your boiler with no damage, guaranteed.


How Dry Ice Blasting Your Boiler Works

At EAI, we implement various boiler cleaning techniques. Our leading service is dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting. Our team cleans your system while it’s online or offline, from the exterior of your boiler to its interior — including the boiler tubes, skids and supports, hinged access doors, exhaust stack, piping and valves. We use advanced tooling and dry ice blasting to descale boiler walls, resulting in enhanced plant production and increased airflow and heat transfer. The process involves:

  • Making dry ice on-site: EAI has Mobile Support Trailers that make dry ice on-site.
  • Projecting pellets to clean: Our ice blasting machine’s air compressor pelts your equipment surface with dry ice pellets using a nozzle and hose.
  • Vaporizing pellets and lifting debris: The pellets’ freezing temperatures project onto the unwanted residue and surface, causing the debris to crack due to thermal shock. The projection also dislodges the materials, while the pellets vaporize on contact, removing further debris instantly. The compressed air blows residual contaminants away from the boiler’s surface.


Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Boilers

EAI’s advanced and customizable dry ice blasting and cleaning technologies have many benefits. Dry ice blasting:

  • Reduces operational downtime: Dry ice methodologies are more efficient than traditional cleaning, saving time and money. There’s no secondary waste, eliminating the need for cleanup and enabling your workers to return to work quickly.
  • Decreases environmental impact: Dry ice blasting yields no ecological waste. The recycled CO2 we use is nontoxic and creates zero greenhouse gasses.
  • Preserves your equipment: Traditional cleaning methods are abrasive and chisel debris from your machinery. In contrast, dry ice blasting is potent yet gentle, lifting debris without surface damage.
  • Optimizes your performance: The cleaning instantly boosts operational efficiency, and you can clean more frequently due to the speed and nonabrasive technique we deploy.


Partnering With Industry Leaders

EAI has been an industrial cleaning leader in the U.S. and worldwide since 1989. We provide:

  • Expert service: We introduced dry ice blasting to the market in 1993. As industry pioneers, we are always at the forefront of cleaning best practices. You can trust that we’ll clean your boiler right the first time.
  • Fast response: Our Mobile Support Trailers exclusively make dry ice on-site and can be mobilized nationwide. Our quick response time means we are available for scheduled outages and emergency cleanup services.
  • Various specialized cleaning methods: We offer multiple turnkey industrial and manufacturing cleaning services. Our team will take care of your boilers or any other equipment with skill and ease.


Schedule Your Dry Ice Boiler Cleaning

EAI has been providing boiler and industrial cleaning services for decades. We’ve served various clients and industries with our innovative dry ice blasting.

Contact us today to schedule boiler cleaning or learn more about our services.