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Adhesive Removal

Your power plant runs best when every piece of equipment is in immaculate condition. When one machine slows down, the rest of your operation can suffer. With adhesive removal from Environmental Alternatives, Inc., you can restore your equipment through full-service, nonabrasive dry ice blasting. Our cleaning professionals provide innovative solutions for even your stickiest cases of adhesive buildup.


The Problem With Adhesive Buildup on Your Equipment

No matter your industry, adhesive buildup is a common issue for high-production equipment. Power generation plants require countless pieces of equipment, each with unique upkeep and cleaning needs. When adhesive material accumulates on your machinery, it can decrease uptime and reduce the life span of the equipment. Dry ice blasting is a chemical-free, hassle-free way to restore your equipment’s condition. With EAI, you can optimize your equipment’s performance through full-service adhesive removal.


Using Dry Ice Blasting for Adhesive Removal

Also known as CO2 blasting, dry ice blasting cleans industrial equipment without harsh chemicals or hours of scrubbing. At EAI, we bring all the necessary supplies to complete the cleaning process on-site. We begin by converting liquid CO2 into solid pellets through a compressed air system. Then, we use a high-velocity pelletizer to convert this substance into dry ice snow and spray it through a nozzle.

When the converted dry ice contacts your equipment, it breaks the bond between any residue and the surface. This industrial equipment adhesive removal technique even eliminates contaminants using an air recovery system.


Types of Equipment We Clean

Over time, adhesives can leave residue on many pieces of industrial power plant equipment. To ensure a high-functioning system, our team cleans every inch of your equipment and produces dry ice on-site. Our technique gives your team peace of mind that you’re getting the cleanest and most versatile solution. With adhesive removal CO2 blasting, we can thoroughly clean any piece of industrial equipment or machinery, including:

  • Glue nozzles or assemblies
  • Conveyors
  • Production equipment
  • Condensers
  • Generators
  • Weld lines


Perks of Removing Adhesive With Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting offers a seamless and safe alternative to manually cleaning your high-production equipment. Adhesive buildup can significantly decrease the longevity of these investments, so we provide a solution that gently and effectively cleans the surface. With EAI’s dry ice adhesive removal process, you can see instant results and enjoy the following long-term benefits:

  • Nonabrasive clean: Dry ice blasting separates the adhesive residue from the surface of the equipment. As a gentler alternative to grit blasting, this technique keeps delicate surfaces intact and maintains the equipment’s functionality.
  • Simple accessibility: Our team uses a high-pressure nozzle to spray the dry ice pellets, making it easy to access any tight spots and avoid sensitive areas. We do the job right the first time and prevent damage to your equipment through the process.
  • No secondary waste: This adhesive removal technique doesn’t require any scrubbing or harsh solutions, which eliminates any secondary waste. The residue converts into a vapor through the process, allowing our air recovery system to filter all contaminants.
  • Less downtime: Dirty equipment can create functionality issues over time, ultimately resulting in expensive downtime and potential replacements. Dry ice blasting is a long-term solution for a productive power plant.


Choose EAI for Nonabrasive Adhesive Removal

At EAI, we’ve simplified the cleaning process for power plants. Our team makes dry ice on-site and ensures a spotless finish at the end of every session. Be confident in your equipment’s performance once our cleaners remove all traces of adhesive residue.

To get started, contact EAI online and let us know how we can help!