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When cleaning and decontaminating your plant’s largest, most effective equipment, you have three options — high-pressure water blasting, grit blasting and dry ice blasting. Water blasting carries the unfortunate side effects of metal corrosion and possible insulation damage, while grit blasting can easily scratch and damage small parts. Furthermore, both methods create significant waste, which may put you off from cleaning your hydroelectric plant as often as you should.

All of these concerns are mitigated with dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting, a method first introduced to the hydroelectric industry and other power projects in 1993 by Environmental Alternatives, Inc. At EAI, we’ve led the charge for this safer, more environmentally friendly service for decades, and we pride ourselves on offering the most developed dry ice blasting process in the country.

Our turnkey cleaning services will help you maintain sanitary workspaces with all the benefits you get from your current cleaning methods and none of the downsides.


Why Should You Clean Your Hydroelectric Plant?

Your hydroelectric plant plays a vital role in your community. You may be responsible for cleaning thousands of gallons of water every day. Over time, this creates a significant buildup of mud, silt and water-based debris, which travels through all your equipment and around your entire plant.

When improperly managed, this debris leads to unsanitary and even unsafe working conditions, for which you need a dedicated cleaning team to help maintain regulations. In this matter, EAI can deliver and then some. Our full-service CO2 blasting team creates our dry ice on-site and uses our top-of-the-line equipment to decontaminate your space while maintaining the high-quality service we’ve been known for since our beginning.


The Benefits of Hydroelectric Dry Ice Blasting Services

EAI’s hydroelectric dry ice blasting services are:

  • Waste- and cleanup-free: Many cleaning methods require you to clean up after they’re complete and dispose of waste. When you use dry ice to blast away debris, the ice turns from a solid into a gas, pulling away particles with it. The contaminants and gas are drawn into a negative air recovery system, where the debris is separated and the gas filtered before being re-released into the atmosphere. By the end of the process, there is nothing to clean up or dispose of, allowing you to return to your operations immediately.
  • Environmentally friendly: No-waste services are the path to the future. As more consumers focus their efforts on environmental consciousness, your new no-waste cleaning method becomes a selling point for you by decreasing your carbon footprint — and by extension, your customers’ footprints.
  • Nonabrasive: Cleaning your equipment should improve operations, not cause faster parts aging and damages that need repair. Yet, that is often the effect of using water pressure or grit blasting on your sensitive equipment. EAI’s guarantee is that no harm will come to your equipment through our dry ice blasting
  • Cost-effective: CO2 blasting will reduce back pressure in your hydroelectric plant. Many of our partners see an improvement of 1″ or better in their generating capacity, translating to tens of thousands of dollars in ROI. This cleaning method clearly pays for itself and lets your plant work smarter and enhance profit margins.
  • Suitable for any application: When you request hydroelectric plant cleaning from EAI, you can feel confident our cleaning crew will combat debris in all areas of your plant. Since the process is nontoxic and nonabrasive and won’t create waste, we can navigate even your most fragile and sensitive equipment with ease.


Choose EAI for Your Hydroelectric CO2 Blasting Needs

Your employees and customers deserve to have a clean hydroelectric plant 24/7, and our accessible dry ice blasting services can make that goal a reality. Tell us about your plant and how we can help you maintain it by contacting us today.