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Core Box Cleaning

Your foundry’s system relies on seamless operation, from the smallest vents to the largest machines. When any piece of your equipment has residue buildup, you may pay for it in downtime or damages. By maintaining a pristine core box, you can ensure more uptime on your production floor. At Environmental Alternatives Inc., we provide core box cleaning services through dry ice blasting methods.

Dry ice blasting is a nonabrasive cleaning technique we’ve provided companies in the power industry since 1993. Where traditional cleaning methods may damage the mold or require long periods of downtime, dry ice blasting eliminates resin and sand residue throughout the core box’s injection mold without causing harm. What’s more, we can use dry ice blasting to disinfect all surfaces while the core box and injection mold run at capacity.


Injection Mold Cleaning Procedures

As industrial cleaning experts, we use high-quality materials and proven techniques. Because core boxes run at high temperatures and involve delicate machinery, we only clean them using automated processes and safe, nontoxic dry ice. Our team brings our own dry ice on-site, setting us apart from cleaning companies that use pre-made materials.

Our professionals convert the CO2 into small pellets and pressurize it through a compressed air system. When sprayed through a multi-setting nozzle, these dry ice pellets separate any residue from the surface of your machinery, effectively cleaning and disinfecting the equipment. Thanks to our dry ice blasting system, your injection mold can remain installed and operational throughout the cleaning procedure.


Injection Mold Cleaning Tools

Benefit from hassle-free cleaning using nontoxic, nonabrasive materials when you choose EAI. You don’t need to provide any tools — our team brings all the necessary supplies and hoses for an unmatched result. The injection mold dry ice blasting process requires high-pressure machinery, and our system can spray pellets from 75-1,000 feet per second to deliver pristine results and the increased productivity of a clean injection mold.


Create Unmatched System Results

An appropriately cleaned core box allows your team to increase overall efficiency through simplified methods. Dry ice blasting is quick, easy and noninvasive. Our cleaners are familiar with a wide range of foundry systems and core boxes across the industry. We’ll help you take your operation to the next level with simple yet effective dry ice blasting. Our approach allows foundry owners to:

  • Increase uptime: Because you can keep your core box on while we clean, dry ice blasting reduces downtime and simplifies the process.
  • Reduce waste: Clogged vents can create scrap material, which costs more money and time to fix. A clean core box improves your system performance for long-lasting results.
  • Deliver superior as-cast finish: A clean system ensures better results and operational efficiency throughout your plant.
  • Eliminate secondary waste: Our air recovery system absorbs all contaminants while we clean, so the process creates no secondary waste.


Increase Productivity With Core Box Cleaning

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. has served foundries like yours with over 30 years of turnkey industrial cleaning services. Our dry ice blasting methods ensure high-end results for greater productivity and improved health and safety. As industry leaders, we make our own dry ice and guarantee cleaning with no damage to your equipment.

Our team can handle any project, so reach out today to let us know how we can help. Get in touch online to learn more about our core box cleaning services.