UCOR Team Awarded 8.3B Oak Ridge Clean up Contract
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UCOR Team Awarded 8.3B Oak Ridge Clean up Contract

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UCOR Team Awarded 8.3B Oak Ridge Clean up Contract

By Jessie West | December 15 2021


The US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Management (EM) on 26 October awarded United Cleanup Oak Ridge (UCOR), the Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Contract (ORRCC) at the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) is proud to announce its role as a Team Subcontractor on the Amentum-led United Cleanup Oak Ridge, LLC (UCOR) Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Contract recently awarded by DOE.

UCOR is a joint venture consisting of Amentum, Jacobs, and Honeywell along with four pre-selected small business team subcontractors, Environmental Alternatives, Inc, RSI-Entech, Stata-G and Longnecker & Associates.

The UCOR Team will be responsible for the cleanup and remedial actions at the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP); cleanup of excess facilities at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex; design, construction, and operation of the new onsite disposal facility – the Environmental Management Disposal Facility; operational activities and surveillance and maintenance for multiple facilities; and core functions for central and project services.

EAI looks forward to fulfilling our role in the continued progress toward completion of DOE’s clean up mission in Oak Ridge.


About Environmental Alternatives, Inc.

Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI) specializes in delivering environmental clean-up and decontamination services for nuclear decommissioning projects. 

EAI’s patented chemical extraction technology, Rad-Release, is able to dramatically reduce the cost and risk of decontamination projects while achieving radioactive contamination reduction rates of up to 99%. EAI’s Rad-Release is also applicable to other surface cleaning needs to remove mercury, PCB’s, beryllium and other contaminants. EAI’s FXHg mercury abatement process significantly reduces the release of mercury vapors and immobilizes the mercury.  These technologies can save millions of dollars in disposal cost and allows the work to be done more safely while minimizing risk to the public and the environment.

Through years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions for projects of any size, we are proud to have become a leader in the industry for projects ranging from decontamination support for plant upgrades to complete Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D).