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Rapid, Cost-Effective Surface Removal Solution

EAI’s innovative Concrete Shaving technology enables complete and rapid removal of contamination from building surfaces, while minimizing airborne hazards. Our technique removes paint or concrete surface layers precisely and efficiently while producing up to 50% less waste than other technologies. This makes Concrete Shaving an attractive alternative to traditional methods such as pneumatic scabbling or abrasive media blasting.

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What Is Concrete Shaving?

Concrete shaving is a process in which the top layer of a concrete surface is quickly and efficiently removed using abrasive diamond blades. As the material is stripped, it’s captured by a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum to prevent hazardous dust from circulating in the workspace.

Operators can set the diamond blades to remove a precise amount of material, including any substances that may be on the concrete’s surface like paint, adhesives, epoxy, or contamination. This process is often used to prepare a surface for a new coating or smooth out an uneven or damaged concrete slab. The resulting shaved surface is level and consistent, with a corduroy-like texture.



EAI employs a patented Concrete Shaving system based on a drum-mounted, diamond-impregnated blade that precisely shaves from 1mm to 20mm from the concrete surface. The system is mounted in a variety of automated, track-mounted devices to ensure effective shaving of various floor, wall, or ceiling surfaces. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum recovery system ensures dust-free operation.


Industrial Concrete Shaving Services

Concrete Shaving is the ideal solution for applications where concrete surfaces must be repaired with as little impact as possible and minimal waste. In many industrial settings, concrete slabs often cannot be moved or entirely replaced because critical infrastructure is set into them. With Concrete Shaving, you can address concerns on the surface layers of the slabs without impacting the surrounding area or creating unnecessary waste.

Shaving the top layer of your concrete surfaces for minor issues like coatings, surface damage, and contamination is often less invasive and more economical than replacing full slabs.

Common industrial applications for Concrete Shaving include leveling uneven slabs or misaligned joints to eliminate trip hazards, preparing concrete surfaces for new coatings, and smoothing rough sections. Shaving can also create a textured, high-traction surface for areas where you may need a little more grip, like ramps and warehouse floors where there is much moisture.


Concrete Shaving for Nuclear Plants

At EAI, we specialize in providing Concrete Shaving services for nuclear decontamination and decommissioning projects. We have decades of experience working to innovate new decontaminating solutions to meet the unique needs of the nuclear power industry.

Over the years, we’ve provided industrial cleaning solutions that address the challenges facing a wide range of nuclear facilities, including the U.S. EPA, U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Energy, private facilities, and the radiopharmaceutical industry.

Our patented drum-mounted concrete shaver allows us to take on challenges of any size with precision, expertly shaving down contaminated concrete for safe removal. Our HEPA vacuum system ensures that removed material is carefully contained, eliminating safety risks. Once the contaminated material is extracted, the remaining concrete is considered safe and can be removed through conventional methods.


Benefits of Concrete Shaving

Clients who trust EAI for industrial Concrete Shaving and decontamination services enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced waste – EAI’s Concrete Shaving approach does not create additional waste, as is the case with abrasive media techniques. The only waste generated, in addition to the blades themselves, is primary waste in the form of concrete dust and/or paint.
  • Reduced risk – By virtually eliminating airborne dust, coupled with its remote operated and ergonomic design, EAI’s Concrete Shaving technology dramatically reduces risks to workers on-site.
  • Smoother surface – Our Concrete Shaving process leaves a smooth, dust-free surface cut to a precisely specified depth, allowing more reliable, accurate surveys.
  • Rapid decontamination – EAI crews can have the Concrete Shaving equipment up and operational in as little as one shift. The equipment’s high operational efficiency, together with reduction of waste, helps accelerate project completion.

Why Choose EAI for Concrete Shaving?

For more than 20 years, EAI has worked to provide innovative cleaning services to plants and warehouses across industries. Our Concrete Shaving services are one of many that we have engineered to be environmentally friendly and less invasive so businesses can get the results they need with ease.

EAI guarantees our Concrete Shaving services will not damage your equipment or any of the surrounding spaces. Our unique level of expertise allows us to take on even the most challenging projects and provide comprehensive turnkey solutions that meet your exact needs. We’ll assess your situation and create a tailored plan to tackle your project, completing any preparation, decontamination, or decommissioning projects promptly and professionally.


Get Trusted Concrete Shaving Services From EAI

When you work with EAI, you’ll get the services you need to ensure a clean and productive work environment. Boost your efficiency and protect employees while ensuring your equipment has optimized performance.

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