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Nuclear Capability Statement

Founded in 1989, EAI specializes in surface cleaning and decontamination of radioactive and hazardous contaminants. EAI evaluates the requirements and provides cutting-edge decontamination technologies to achieve project objectives and secondary waste minimization.

Download a PDF of our Nuclear Capability Statement here!

Partial Client List

  • Rocky Flats
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center (U.S. Navy)
  • Bechtel Power Corporation
  • Fluor Hanford Company
  • Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company
  • West Valley Nuclear Service Company
  • Atomic Energy Canada (CNL)
  • Energy Solutions
  • Oakridge National Laboratory
  • Hanford Reservation
  • Chalk River
  • Federal Agencies (DOD, DOE, DHS, EPA and NNSA)

Project Highlights

  • One of EAI’s patented decontamination technologies, Rad-Release, saved a DOE site approximately $110 Million. 100% of the TRU waste was decontaminated to SCO low-level waste.
  • EAI and Idaho National Labs were awarded the prestigious R&D 100 Award for the development of Rad-Release.
  • Decontaminated U.S. Navy marine gas turbine engines for unrestricted free release following the Fukushima incident.
  • Successfully lowered all large object legacy TRU waste to low-level SCO under the 3706 campaign at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Decontaminated over 66,000 sq. ft. of below grade concrete building surfaces at Maine Yankee nuclear plant, eliminating the need to excavate and dispose.
  • Additional highlights available upon request!


Nuclear Services We Offer

  • Patented decontamination technologies (Rad Release I, Rad Release II and SuperGel)
  • Site review and assessment
  • Waste characterization and volume reduction
  • Onsite decontamination and technical support
  • Offsite decontamination and waste processing
  • Worldwide mobilization
  • Environmental hazard remediation (PCBs, Mercury, heavy metals, chem/bio, etc.)