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Chemtron Turbine Cleaning Products

Chem Turbo OL / Siwash S (solvent based)
Solvent-based detergent that grants a maximum cleaning effect for ON-LINE and OFF-LINE cleaning. Siwash S removes all the contamination on the turbine blades. The compressor cleaning products are very successful and highly appreciated by all customers.

Chem Turbo OL – W / Siwash W (water based)
Water-based detergent. The wet fluid contacts the fouled surface; the solution then penetrates the porous matrix and dissolves it.

Chem Antifreeze / Si – Antifreeze (anti – icing fluid)
Prevents the icing of the compressor inlet. It is mixable with water in any Ratio. No bonding or contamination of the turbine blade surfaces. The range of use is from +8° C down to -35°C air intake temperature.