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CO2 Surface Cleaning

Achieving high-performance surface cleaning without damaging plant equipment and precision surfaces is a critical challenge for any industrial complex. EAI meets the challenge with its CO2 surface cleaning capabilities. Our specialized equipment, together with our industry-leading expertise and proven processes, enable EAI to achieve superior cleaning without damaging precision surfaces and generating secondary waste. EAI’s CO2 surface cleaning process represents an attractive alternative to dry media blasting, hydro lasing, chemical cleaning, and other methods.

High Pressure Cleaning

EAI employs specialized equipment to convert liquid CO2 into solid pellets and to blast the pellets at the surface to be cleaned. Liquid CO2 is stored under high pressure, and then transferred to a pelletizer, where rapid expansion converts the liquid to a solid state in the form of dry ice snow. This snow is compressed and extruded through a die to form tiny pellets, then combined with compressed air in a blasting nozzle to create a pressurized stream of CO2 pellets traveling at 75-1000 feet-per-second.

While the pellets are projected onto the surface in a manner similar to sand or grit blasting, the cleaning dynamics are dramatically different—and vastly superior. Instead of the “chiseling” action associated with conventional grit blasting, the CO2 pellets penetrate the contaminant layer and, upon impact, sublimate to a gas, lifting the contaminant from the surface. The contaminants are then entrained into the negative air recovery system, filtered and released back into the atmosphere. The physics of CO2 pellets offers important advantages, as described below.

Superior Cleaning

CO2 delivers more effective cleaning due to its expansion effect, extended cleaning duration and unique flushing action.

No damage

Because of its unique cleaning dynamics, CO2 cleans effectively without damaging or changing the dimensions of the substrate being cleaned.

No residual waste

Because the CO2 pellets sublimate from a solid state to a gas as they strike the substrate, CO2 cleaning does not create secondary waste. The only waste generated is the contaminant removed from the substrate.


Our state-of-the-art Mobile Support Facilities (MST) enables EAI to perform CO2 cleaning virtually anywhere. Because it is a dry process, CO2 blasting can be performed around electrical equipment.