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Gas Turbine Compressor / Steam Turbine Cleaning

Fouling and hydrocarbon buildup can dramatically affect the performance of the GT compressor and reduce efficiency, but you no longer have to clean the turbine by hand with scouring pads or other manual cleaning techniques. EAI offers a very effective chemical cleaning process that eliminates the costly labor and time required by outmoded techniques.

The best time to clean the GT compressor historically has been when the turbine is disassembled for a hot gas path inspection or major overhaul. However, EAI has successfully cleaned GT compressors fully assembled in place to remove heavy buildups and help maintain the efficiency of the turbine until activities are scheduled.

EAI’s process is applied as a light atomized spray, allowed to dwell for 20 minutes and then removed by steam cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning Process being applied
to a Turbine Section

Turbine Section after cleaning


Steam turbines are quickly cleaned by our experienced personnel to support dovetail inspections and other maintenance work that is required during both scheduled and emergency shut downs.


Turbine Section prior to EAI Cleaning

Turbine Section after cleaning