Cleaning Methods

CO2 Surface Cleaning

Mobile Support Trailer

Air Lance & Vaccum/Catalyst Repair

Air Lance & Vaccum / Catalyst Repair

Some components in a plant are simply too delicate for high powered cleaning like CO2 blasting, water blasting or chemical washing. SCR, SCO and CO catalysts are among these components. EAI can employ a combination of compressed air lancing and vacuuming to clear the fouling caused by particulates and insulation.

In addition to the cleaning of catalyst, some catalyst modules have multiple layers or are inaccessible for traditional cleaning. Insulation and gaskets fail over time and retainers in the catalyst stack may have been damaged by heat or during previous maintenance procedures, allowing the catalyst to shift. In these cases, detrimental bypassing of combustion gas will degrade the catalyst performance. EAI can pull the catalyst for cleaning, repair and rebuild, then re-stack the catalyst modules to return it to like new condition.